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We offer window cleaning services in conjunction with End of Tenancy cleaning or Deep Cleaning services for domestic homes in Ascot and surrounding areas.

Our high-quality window cleaning service tackles dirt inside and outside your windows, including the window frames. No window is too challenging for us – our professional window cleaners are qualified to erect scaffolding if necessary. We work closely with inventory clerks and estate agents to ensure your home is cleaned according to the pre-inspection checklist. Our services are offered on bank holidays and weekends at no extra charge and we can arrange to collect and deliver the rental house key directly with your estate agent. We are fully trained and insured cleaning professionals who who offer the full spectrum of End of Tenancy cleaning services, including carpet steam cleaning, oven cleaning, professional window cleaning and limescale is no challenge for us! We even have specialist tile cleaning machinery that can clean stubborn dirt from floor tile grouting. Let us handle everything for you while you focus on moving your personal belongings.
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Our End of Tenancy cleaning includes the following services

Professional Carpet Cleaning
We do our own carpet cleaning because we’ve been trained by the NCCA and we wouldn’t trust anyone else to do them for you! We use a pre-spray that’s agitated into the carpet fibres with rotating brushes, then we wait 15 minutes to allow the soap solutions to work. After this we use Hot Water Extraction to to steam clean and rinse the soap solution out of the carpet, keeping your carpets cleaner for longer. This process minimises the amount of water that’s pumped into the carpets and your home will be ready to move in the very next day.
Professional Upholstery Cleaning and Leather Cleaning
With End of Tenancy cleaning, we also offer professional upholstery cleaning which is done by Hot Water Extraction. We are also professionally trained at Leather cleaning and know how to clean your soft furnishings in such a way that will safeguard the warranty.
Professional Oven cleaning
Because we’re not trained to be oven cleaners, we have decided to outsource this service to professional oven cleaning specialists. This way we know for sure that your inventory clerk will pass your property inspection. We use Greased Lightning.
Professional Window cleaning
Although we can wash windows very well ourselves, we offer this service to a partner of ours who has over 20 years of experience. Before he cleans the windows, however, we brush the inside of every window frame to ensure the leaves and insect nests have been removed.
Textile Pest Control
Please see our Textile Pest Control page to see how we can help you with pests such as fleas, moths and carpet beatles.
Hard floor cleaning
Please see our Hard floor cleaning page to see how we can help you clean grouting, or strip and re-seal in floors that may be looking a bit tired.
Anything else
For example, washing of external shutter blinds, gutters, a garden service, light DIY or paintwork, a trip to the tip! Whatever your needs, just ask and we’re sure to be able to help you.
End of Tenancy cleaning
Our professional End of Tenancy cleaners provide top quality cleans from corner to corner. This list describes some of the meticulous work that’s carried out during the End of Tenancy clean.

  • Wash and sanitise all work surfaces including windows and sills, mirrors, wardrobes, walls, floors, doors, door handles and top of doors.
  • Dust light fittings, skirting boards, handrails, curtain rails, wall pictures, behind radiators and remove ash from fireplace.
  • Clean inside, outside and on top of all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean and sanitise all water taps, showers, baths, basins and toilets and remove limescale.
  • Wash walls, tiles and grout to remove grease marks, limescale and surface mould.
  • Defrost, clean and sanitise freezer and fridge.
  • Clean and sanitise all white-goods inside and out: clothes washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, etc. Clean and descale rubber gaskets of white-goods doors, soap dispensers and filters.
  • Wash and sanitise refuse bins.
  • Remove items that may belong to previous tenant and place it in a neat pile in a specified room or discard appropriately.
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    Why choose us

    All Cleaning Agents technicians are a professionally trained by the (NCCA) National Carpet Cleaners Association. Our Technicians are DBS checked, insured and above all, are friendly and polite. Our teams will work after hours or on weekends to make it as pleasant as possible an experience. We offer a 72 hour re-clean guarantee that will please your landlord or rental agent.

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    End of tenancy cleaning services in Sunningdale Ascot


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