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At Cleaning Agents we offer professional Luxury Poly Vinyl floor Cleaning in Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Cleaning Agents are approved TileMaster floor cleaning specialists who provide The TileMaster service in Ascot and Reading. We use a cleaning solution that’s made by TileMaster and approved by the Karndean and Amtico floor cleaning methods. With our protective Shield coating, offered in matt or satin, you can enhance the beautiful colour of your floor, protect your vinyl against scratches and lengthen the lifetime of your luxury vinyl tiles. 

For efficient Karndean cleaning services or Amtico cleaning solutions, in Ascot and surrounding areas withing Berkshire and Surrey, call us today for a free quotation

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Cleaning Karndean floors

A vinyl sheet floor is completely impermeable to water, unlike vinyl floor tile, which comes in stiff tiles, and vinyl planks. It is sometimes called linoleum after a similar, but natural, product of oily  composition. Vinyl can be bought at varying prices, making it an affordable choice for domestic flooring. However, vinyl flooring has environmental concerns in manufacturing, use, and disposal. Vinyl floors can be recycled, but currently almost never are. They are land-filled rather than used as raw materials in a closed loop. Vinyl floor’s life cycle environmental impact is worse than that of linoleum, which can biodegrade.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning experts in ascot

The thickness of the sheet and the surface layer determines the durability of the floor. Unlike linoleum, vinyl flooring is usually not homogenous, and once it wears through the print layer, it will be obviously damaged. Thinner floors may also tear. While it is possible to wax or otherwise resurface vinyl floors, it is not often done. But we can do it for you, just ask us about our TileMaster Shield, which is offered in matt or satin.

Cleaning Amtico floors

Contact Cleaning Agents, certified by Prochem and Tilemaster for Karndean cleaning and Amtico cleaning in Ascot and Reading.  Contact us to hire the best vinyl floor cleaners in town.

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