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Travertine Polishing Services in Ascot

Travertine floor polishing and restoration is our speciality. Give your floor a new life with Cleaning Agents Ltd high quality travertine floor restoration service in Ascot. We provide strip and seal service that will clean travertine holes and brighten your room at very little cost. We sand out scratches and fill travertine holes before restoring the honed satin finish that was once the pride of the home when first installed. For regular, or for occasional, travertine tile maintenance, contact us now to reserve a free quotation 07919 624005 or

Travertine restoration services

  • Deep cleaning of stone and grouting
  • Remove trapped dirt with specialist solvents and industrial wet vacuum system
  • Fill cracks and travertine holes with colour-matching resin
  • Travertine tile restoration with approved TileMaster diamond pads
  • Protect stone floors with solvent or water based sealants
  • Enhance the colour of the travertine stone with Colour Enhancer impregnating sealant
  • Travertine tile polishing to change the surface from gloss to honed, or vice versa
  • Free demonstration to help you decide if you'd like a change, which is easy to restore if you decide to not go for it.

Travertine Floor Polishing Process

There’s nothing quite like travertine tiles for creating a unique earthy look in a home or outdoor area.

Travertine is a type of limestone created from a continual flow of water through the stone. This natural process is responsible for the beautiful banding which gives travertine it’s unique and captivating appearance. The flow of water also creates tiny holes in the bands, and these are magnets for dirt and grime. If left unattended, the built-up grime will detract from the natural elegance of the stone. It's a good thing we're nearby because our travertine floor polishing process takes care of it.

For a quality travertine floor polishing service, a room of about 60 sqm we ask for two days to complete a full restoration. Each diamond pad can take up to 3 minutes per square meter. So, the full process depends on the desired finish, whether it is honed, satin or high gloss. Here is general explanation of our process:

1. Strip and Clean travertine tiles

  • Stripping of old sealant is not always required if we’re going to use diamond pads. However this process offers the best results when cleaning dirty grout lines. Before the next process, we must rinse and vacuum the sealant thoroughly.

2. Remove scratches, etches, fill cracks and holes

  • Filling of cracks and holes depends on the state of the floor and could take several hours.
  • 400 grit pad grinds out the scuffed and damaged areas, including any resin repair.
  • 800 grit pad for honed finish and to smooth out the roughness of the 400 grit.

3. Sand and polish travertine to a shine

  • 1500 grit pad for a satin finish.
  • 3000 grit pad for a shiny finish.
  • 5000 grit pad for a high gloss finish.

3. Seal travertine

  • The application of impregnating sealant could take an hour and requires a minimum of 3 hours drying time before normal activities can commence.

Let Us Help

We know you like a clean floor, but over time, even regular travertine tile cleaning will not bring back the lustrous shine of this beautiful stone. Eventually, the bright finish will fade, and your floor will appear flat and dull.

If your tiles are in this state, why not call us today to see how little it actually costs to bring your tiles back to life with a travertine cleaning service, or the highly recommended Cleaning Agents travertine floor polishing service.

Can’t find what you were looking for, or not sure if you might have marble or limestone tiles to clean? Just call 07919 624005 / or leave us a message, we will be right there to you help you out!

travertine floor polishing ascot

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Travertine Tile Cleaning Products

We are fully certified in travertine cracked tile repair and cleaning. We use only industry approved products for guaranteed quality.

  • We flush out stubborn grime from grout and use TileMaster diamond pads with hot water extraction for a quality polish every time.
  • TileMaster provides only the best products in travertine maintenance. All of our travertine tile cleaning professionals are trained and certified by TileMaster themselves in the use of their products.

Call your local trained and professional travertine tile cleaner at Ascot, who will soon have your floor gleaming again.

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