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At Cleaning Agents we offer professional Travertine floor Cleaning in Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Our cleaning specialists are certified by Prochem and Tilemaster. We are fully insured and our cleaning methods will retain your floor’s warranty because we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
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Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exists in white, tan, cream-colored, and even rusty varieties. It is formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, often at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave. In the latter, it can form stalactites, stalagmites, and other speleothems. It is frequently used in Italy and elsewhere as a building material.

The range of hard floors that we strip, clean, polish and seal are listed below. We easily flush out stubborn dirt from tile and grout with TileMaster diamond polish pads and hot water extractor system. We remove old seal, we polish marble and other types of stone floors to it’s former shine, we also offer strip and seal services for honed floors. If you’re just looking to clean stubborn dirt off laminate floors, we offer floor cleaning services using red or white rotary pads that suit your requirements. Our services are offered to commercial and domestic properties.
a travertine floor to be cleaned by cleaning agents ltd in Sunningdale ascot berkshire
Cleaning Agents Ltd of Ascot are members of TileMaster, we are trained by TileMaster, we use their quality products, and we offer quality cleaning and restoration services in their name.
Cleaning Agents Ltd of Ascot are members of TileMaster, we are trained by TileMaster, we use TileMaster quality products, and we are privileged to offer quality cleaning and restoration services under the TileMaster name because they have verified our cleaning processes and standards.
How we can help you:
Restore the shine to your floors using TileMaster diamond pads
Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
Protect stone floors with solvent or water based sealants
Deep cleaning of stone and grouting
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Watch this video to see how we can restore the shine to your tiles:

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Porous floor cleaning agents ltd hard floor cleaning agents in ascot resized
Patio and Driveway Jet-washing
Sandstone and Yorkstone

Semi porous

semi porous floor cleaning agents ltd hard floor cleaning agents in ascot resized
Slate (untreated)
Vinyl (PVC)
Thermoplastic tiles
Safety flooring (anti-slip)
Conductive flooring (anti-static)


Non porous floor cleaning agents ltd hard floor cleaning agents in ascot resized
Ceramic: Basalt, Porcelain and Victorian (Encaustic)
Resin and Polyester

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Prochem hard floor training certificate for cleaning agents ltd

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