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Stone tile restoration, cleaning and sealing services in Ascot, Berkshire. We offer floor cleaning and polishing services for natural stone tiles and for man-made tiles.

Natural stone tiles may be marblelimestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, or granite. For other types of tiles please see our man-made Tile Cleaning page

How much does it cost to restore stone tiled floors?

The average cost of cleaning, sanding and sealing an open plan kitchen with dining room is £800. For an accurate quote we prefer to visit the property to evaluate the type of stone, condition of the tiles, and sanding requirements. Sometimes we may only provide a quote after doing a demonstration. During the isolation period we may not be able to offer a free demonstration, however we may be able to provide a quote over the phone or by email if you can send pictures of the floor to us. The pictures will need to include a close-up which will reveal the condition of the floor, such as scratches and holes that need to be restored. This close-up may also help us to determine the type of stone. A second picture is required to show the whole room (or as much of it as possible). After we agree on a price we can schedule a suitable appointment that will assist us in operating under  Social Distancing guidelines.

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How do you polish natural stone tiles?

1. Stripping of old sealant and cleaning stone tiles

The stripping process requires a high pH solution that strips off grease and dirt that’s trapped in old sealant. This initial stage of the stone restoration process offers the best results for removing dirt from grout and natural holes.  Before the next process, we must rinse and vacuum the sealant thoroughly.

2. How we repair stone tiles

Filling of cracks and holes depends on the state of the floor and could take several hours. If the whole floor is to be sanded we use resin to fill holes beforehand, which can be polished to the same shine. Otherwise we use wax, which is softer and may not last as long as resin. Once the resin is in place we use the following sanding discs to remove scratches and to even the surface of the floor for consistent results.

  • 200 or 400 grit diamond sanding pad grinds out the scuffed and damaged areas caused by years of footfall. It also smooths out any resin repair that’s been used to fill deeper cracks and holes.
  • 800 grit pad is used to smooth out the marks left behind by the 400 pad. Sanding with the 800 grit disc pad results in a honed finish, which is the matt appeal  often found on travertine and limestone when first installed.

3. How to polish natural stone floors

Many stone tiles can be sanded with finer grit pads to produce a range of shine results. Hard stone such as granite and marble produce the most impressive results, whereas limestone and travertine, which consist of fossils and porous calcium carbonate structures, will require more sanding process to reach the same level.

  • 1500 grit pad for a satin finish.
  • 3000 grit pad for a shiny finish.
  • 5000 grit pad and diamond dust for a high gloss finish.

4. What type of sealant is used for stone tiles?

The application of impregnating sealant could take an hour to apply and requires a minimum of 3 hours drying time before normal activities can commence. The stone should remain dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

If you want to see what we can do for your stone tiles please call us for a free demonstration.

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