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Quarry Tile Cleaning Service in Ascot

At Cleaning Agents we offer professional Quarry tile and floor Cleaning in Ascot and surrounding areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Our cleaning specialists are certified by Prochem and Tilemaster. We are fully insured and our cleaning methods will retain your floor’s warranty because we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Originally made from quarried stone, quarry tiles are typically unglazed, semi vitreous or vitreous tiles made from extruded slabs of clay or shale. They are 3/8” to ¾” thick and come in a variety of square and rectangular shapes. They range in colour from gray to browns and reds, depending on the type of clay and firing temperature.

These dense, thick tiles have through-colour, making them very durable and suitable for heavy traffic as well as wet or exterior applications. The tiles will stain, however, so they should be sealed with surface sealers where that is a concern (the material is too dense for penetrating oil sealers). Since most surface sealers are not suitable for food contact, quarry tile is not a good choice for counters where staining is a concern.

Planning your scheme

  • Restore the shine to your floors using
  • TileMaster diamond pads
  • Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
  • Protect stone floors with solvent or water based sealants
  • Deep cleaning of stone and grouting

With specialist tools and a lot of patience we gently remove the old jointing material, along with the weeds and moss, and replace it with high quality jointing compound. This service is often combined with our patio cleaning service which removes lichen and moss from the surface of the tiles.

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Cleaning Agents Ltd. is one of the leading quarry tile cleaning service provider in Ascot and sorrounding areas. We as a professional and experienced team take care of every area of the floors that needs to be fixed. Because we value both your time and money!

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