All properties and cleaning requirements are different so the most accurate way to estimate a cost is for us to view the property. The price is generally based on the length of time it would take to complete a cleaning job to perfection, cleaning materials used during the process, machines used and professionally trained craftsmanship. Our prices are very competitive against any other cleaning company who could offer the same quality service. We do not charge VAT, making it more affordable for residential properties.

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Floor cleaning prices

Stone Floor Restoration
from £14.50/sqm
  • Stripping off old sealant
  • Scrubbing dirty grouting
  • Filling of travertine holes (£5 each)
  • Remove scratches from the Natural Stone
  • Polishing the stone tiles to a Honed finish
  • Polishing the tiles to the Gloss Finish
  • Sealing natural stone tiles with the Top Quality Impregnating sealant from TileMaster
Tile and Grout Cleaning
from £6.50/sqm
  • This all depends on the floor type and the cleaning method
  • For strip and seal of ceramic tiles the estimated price is £15/sqm
  • Replacing jointing £10/sqm, includes moss removal and sealant
  • Cleaning of block paving driveway, removal of plants, replacing kiln dried sand, high quality outdoor sealant £9/sqm
Carpet Cleaning
from £3.50/sqm
  • Our price includes vacuum cleaning, general spot removal, pre-spray and agitation with brushes, steam cleaning with hot water extraction. Due to the time required to set up all of our specialist equipment, we do request a minimum order of £150. Urgent spillage cleaning is only £50 if it can be cleaned with our smaller spot machine.
  • An average sized room with a double bed that does not need to be moved is about £30.
  • Any furniture that is moved and returned to position will involve lifting with a hoist and the positioning of plastic films underneath the feet to prevent colour transfer onto the carpet during the drying period. Although the carpet will be dry within a few hours, the plastic sheets should remain in place for 24 hours. This is highly recommended if furniture is generally not moved during regular vacuum cleaning of the house. For an accurate quote we would need to see the amount of furniture that needs to be moved. An example of a standard sized living room with two sets of sofas and a few coffee tables would be £90
  • The only optional extras that Cleaning Agents charge for carpet and upholstery cleaning are:
  • Fluorocarbon protector, often referred to as the branded name “Scotchgard”.
  • Stubborn stains that need additional heat treatment.
  • Urine spillages that require anti-septic and odour treatments.

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