The prices that we quote includes all 7 steps of the cleaning process. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning companies mention a variety in the number of steps in their process but many of them only use hot water extraction to keep their carpet cleaning prices low. Whichever company you choose to clean your furnishings, be sure to obtain a quoted price that includes all of these steps. You can read more about these steps at the bottom of this page.

Perfect Prices

All properties and cleaning requirements are different so the most accurate way to estimate a cost is for us to view the property. Our prices are competitive against any other cleaning company who offers the same quality service. The price is generally based on the length of time it would take to complete a cleaning job to perfection, consumable cleaning materials used during the process, machines required and professionally trained craftsmanship.

Select Your Plan

Stone Floor Restoration
£25 - 40/sqm
  • Remove all Scratches from the Natural Stone
  • Polishing it up to the Correct Honed
  • Polishing it up to the Gloss Finish
  • Sealing it with the Top Quality Impregnating sealant from TileMaster
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if not satisfied
Tile and Grout Cleaning
£1.5 - 15/sqm
  • This all Depends on the Floor Type and the Method Required
  • For the strip and seal the estimated price is £15/sqm
  • For General Cleaning with Chemical Solutions Range from £1.50 to £8/sqm
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee if not Satisfied
Carpet Cleaning
(Empty Room)
£2.5 - 3.25/sqm
  • A Room with Furniture (that does not Require Moving) is Calculated at £2.50/sqm.
  • For an Average-Sized Room, this is £42 per Room
  • (Empty rooms) £3.25/sqm. This is Approximately £54 Per Room
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee if not Satisfied
Carpet Cleaning
(Furniture that Require Moving)
  • This Depends on the Type of Furniture and on Average Works out to £75/ room
  • The Reason these Prices Differ is that it Takes Quite a Substantial Amount of Time to Move Furniture from Side to Side during the Cleaning Process
  • Any Furniture that is Moved Back onto a Damp Carpet needs to be protected in such a way that the Colour of the Furniture Foot does not Transfer onto the Carpet fibers
  • Because our Cleaning Methods Leave the Carpet drier than most other Carpet Cleaners, these Plastic Protective Sleeves can be removed after 24 hours
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if not satisfied
Carpet Cleaning
(Spot Treatment)
  • For an Urgent Spillage call-out Fee, we charge £50/spot
  • We do not Charge for the Cleaning unless the Spot Requires Additional Treatment
  • For Stubborn Stains that Cannot be Removed with a Standard Wash and Rinse, will be an Additional £25/stain
  • Please note that it is Highly Likely that the Spot will not be Removed 100%
  • This is the Case the Carpet has most likely been Damaged by the Spillage
  • All cleaning Efforts will Still be Charged at the Full Price
Carpet Cleaning
(optional extras)
£3.5 - 12.5/sqm
  • Carpet Protector (Scotchgard) is half the price of the cleaning price for the room. If a room cost £50 to clean then the protector will be £25
  • Dry Encapsulation cleaning: £3.50/sqm (short fiber commercial carpets)
  • Specialist Dry Compound carpet cleaning: Sisal and Sea Grass carpets, viscose, cotton £12.50/sqm
  • We do NOT charge VAT, making it more affordable for residential properties
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee if not Satisfied

The only optional extras that Cleaning Agents charge for carpet and upholstery cleaning are a fluorocarbon protector, often referred to as the branded name “Scotchgard”, for pet-mess treatments, and for insect pest treatment. We do not charge VAT, making it more affordable for residential properties.

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