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Patio Pointing Service in Ascot

Cleaning Agents Ltd offers patio pointing services in Ascot, Berkshire. We remove all jointing from your patio and replace it with only top quality Bostik Wide Jointing Compound. Our passion for patio pointing inspires us to create outstanding patios to enhance and complement any garden. For more details please ask us for a free quotation at or call us at 07919624005

Weed and moss growth can destroy the grouting that supports outdoor paving and patio tiles. After cleaning the patio with lichen removal products and a high pressure washer, the jointing often falls apart and makes the patio look old.

Cleaning Agents Ltd is a professional Patio Pointing company, so before you consider replacing all your beautiful tiles, allow us to re-point your tiles so that your patio can look new and inviting again.

Let us repoint your pavers

We are Ascot’s patio pointing specialists with a highly trained and qualified team. With our positive market reputation you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

Let us come over and see your patio today so that we can determine the most affordable and efficient way to revitalise your old patio. Call us at 07919624005 or leave us a message.

How to replace jointing

Our patio pointing process includes:

  • With specialist tools and a lot of patience we gently remove the old jointing material. Any loose tiles will be cemented back into place for you.
  • Weeds and moss are removed from the pavers, while strong and fresh jointing compound replaces the old.
  • This service is often combined with our patio cleaning service which removes lichen and moss from the surface of the tiles.
  • TileMaster Algo cleaning solution also kills roots and seeds that may otherwise grow from beneath the newly laid jointing compound.
  • We use a pointing tool to shape the compound into the joints
  • Please watch our very short video on the right hand side of this page. This will show you how to point pavers.
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