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Patio Cleaning Service in Ascot

Patio cleaning can be a tiresome task for you if you don’t have the correct paving cleaning machinery. But once it is completed the satisfaction is priceless as it enhances the style of your beautiful property. Why not relax and let us do all the work for you. Call us at 07919624005 for a free quotation.

Cleaning Agents Ltd is your local patio cleaning company in Ascot and Bracknell, Berkshire. With many positive reviews you can trust us to clean your patio effectively and safely. Let us help you to remove stubborn black spot, lichen and moss from a patio.

How to clean patios

Similar to driveway cleaning, we have two methods for cleaning patios. The softer method as well as a harder power jet-washing method that removes weeds. The jet-washing method may require us to replace jointing that comes loose during the process, but the results are well worth it! Or why not ask us to remove ALL of the jointing with our power tools and replace it entirely with Bostik Wide Jointing Compound? For more details please ask us for a free quotation

  • We use specialist algae cleaner from TileMaster.
  • This solution allows us to clean the patio with a softer method.
  • It enhances the efficiency of our cleaning and avoids the heavy use of power washing. Otherwiese it could remove patio jointing.
  • We use a 17″ rotary machine to gently scrub off lichen. Moreover, we rinse the solution off with a gentle jet wash.

When we use a jet wash, we carefully do so without removing the jointing. If you’d like to know more about re-pointing or re-jointing services which will totally renew your patio just contact us at 07919624005 or

In our advanced patio cleaning service, we use our specialist tools with a lot of patience by gently removing the old jointing material. Along with the weeds and moss, and replace it with high quality jointing compound.

This service is often combined with our patio cleaning service which removes lichen and moss from the surface of the tiles. So if you’re not sure which service to choose – the gentle surface cleaning method or an entire new look, please just send us a message.

patio cleaning service in ascot

Let us help you with your patio cleaning

Cleaning Agents Ltd offer patio cleaning services in Ascot, Berkshire and surrounding areas within Berkshire and Surrey.

We would be pleased to inspect your patio area, whether residential or commercial, to find the best solution for you. This will enable us to quote a very competitive price, estimate the most suitable time-frame, and help you to make the right choice for the most suitable method that will produce your desired results. For more details please ask us for a free quotation

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