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Marble Polishing Service in Ascot

Cleanig Agents Ltd. offers the best and timely marble polishing service in Ascot, Berkshire.

Do you need a quality marble polishing company to add the polish back to your marble floors? Marble is durable, but over time, even a durable surface like marble will require some attention.

Some marbles are harder than others but being a calcium-based stone means it’s susceptible to scratches and acid damage. If your marble floor is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to call in the professionals who can restore your floor to its previous glory.

Marble polishing in Ascot can bring the shine back to your beautiful marble stone tiles. As a professional marble restoration company, we can provide a complete restoration and cleaning service.

We are also qualified and experienced in marble chip repair and marble crack repair services for marble flooring.

Changing the Finish of Your Marble Floor

Have you noticed that your marble floor is shiny in some areas but dull in others? Maybe you want to change up the look and would rather a matte finish over the usual glossy shine.

Whatever your needs, marble floor cleaners in Ascot can even out an inconsistent finish or create a new look by changing the finish to honed, satin, or gloss. If you aren’t sure what you would like, we are happy to demonstrate the different finishes on a small area of your floor before you decide.

Products Used by Marble Floor Cleaners in Ascot

Our marble floor cleaning company uses only the highest quality cleaning products from TileMaster, the trusted source in cleaning agents for marble.

Caring for and restoring the lustre of your marble floor usually entails a strip, clean and polish. We flush out collected dirt and grime from tiles and grout, remove the old seal, and polish the marble back to its former shine.

If you prefer the softer, more natural look of a honed floor, marble floor cleaners in Ascot are also able to provide strip and seal services.

Some floors won’t need to have the old sealant removed when using diamond pads. However, it’s highly recommended because it always produces the best results for cleaning dirty grout lines.

All sealant is thoroughly rinsed and vacuumed before starting the next process.

Marble Restoration and Repair

Cracks and holes can detract from the seamless elegance of a marble floor, but they are also collection areas for grime and dirt and can be hard to clean.

If you’re tired of living with unsightly and dirty cracks and holes in your marble floor, our marble repair service will soon have your tiles looking like new again. We use hard wearing resins to fill the crevices, but they will also perfectly match the colour of your existing stone.

Caring for High Traffic Areas

We highly recommend marble floors in high trafficked areas receive regular care and maintenance for longer lasting beautiful floors.

If you would like to know more about how our marble polishing company can keep your floors looking their best, we recommend you visit our frequently asked questions page, or give us a call; we’ll be happy to personally answer any questions you may have.

Planning your scheme

  • Deep cleaning of stone and grouting
  • Fill cracks and holes with colour-matching resin
  • Restore the shine to your floors using TileMaster diamond pads
  • Protect stone floors with solvent or water based sealants

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Cleaning Agents Ltd. is one of the best marble floor polishing service provider in Ascot and sorrounding areas. We as a professional and experienced team take care of every area of the floors that needs to be fixed. Because we value both your time and money!

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