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Certified professional Leather Cleaning services in Ascot and surrounding areas. We are specialists in cleaning upholstery that’s finished with Aniline, Nubuck and Protected leather. Our leather cleaning technicians have been professionally trained by the LTT to clean all types of leather furniture in residential and commercial properties. We only use professionally recognised leather cleaning solutions from Prochem, Alltec and Leather Technicians Training suppliers(LTT). If you want to know how to clean aniline, give us a call and we’ll do it for you at an affordable price.

Planning your scheme

Before cleaning any leather cleaning can begin, it’s important to understand the tanning method that’s been used to produce it. Having this knowledge helps us to identify the correct leather cleaning method that will maintain the warranty on your leather furniture. The types of leather are explained below and can be categorised into Aniline, Nubuck and Protected.

Until the Industrial Revolution in 1800’s the common method of making leather was through the Vegetable Tanning process using tannin from oak trees. This method produced harder leather for use as saddles, sandals and bags, which required regular application of oils to reduce cracking and waxes to maintain its water resistance. Since the 1840’s new leather tanning techniques have been discovered which produce more supple leather that requires no oil maintenance at all. This is because the chrome and fat-liquoring tanning process traps the lubrication inside to keep the leather flexible.

So unless your furniture consists of vegetable tanned leather, there is no need to use any oily creams after the cleaning process, however a lightly sprayed waterproof protector may be recommended to decrease the speed at which future soiling is absorbed.

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Aniline – high quality Full Grain leather that may contain dye but requires no correction. This type of leather comes from Northern Europe where climate and living conditions are ideal for protecting the animals. Unless this leather has been treated with a pigmented wax, in which case it is known as Semi-Aniline, it is generally very porous and susceptible to dirt. Cleaning Agents have been taught by the best leather care training providers and we know how to clean aniline.

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Nubuck – Full Grain that’s been lightly buffed to create a rough surface which may be coloured with an aniline dye. Nubuck is a much denser and finer than Suede, which has been formed from underlying layers that have been split from the Top Grain. These types of distressed leather absorb dirt very quickly and can be difficult to clean.

Protected – made from Full Grain leather or from Top Grain leather that’s been corrected and consists of a polymer coating that may vary in colour. Protected leather may consist of an embossed print to obtain that natural look and feeling. If the coating is more than 0.15mm thick a UK retailer may not sell the furniture as leather. These types of leathers vary in price and are generally easier to clean because of the protected coating.

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