How to polish stone floors

How to Polish Stone Floors

– a demonstration with a hand tool

Please watch and like our latest You Tube video? It shows how we can transform a raw piece of stone tile to a beautiful polish. This process would take approximately 20 minutes per square meter. Breaking down the initial rough surface takes the longest time, but once the stone is smooth the remaining sanding process is about 2 minutes per sanding disc, per square meter. With 8 discs or diamond dust grades, a room could take a full day to bring to a gloss finish. The hybrid pads used in this demonstration are grit 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5000 and finally 8000 (flexi).
At the end of the video we reveal the positive impact of the impregnating sealant that we commonly use on a glossy finish. These sealers repel spillages, giving the home owner enough time to quickly grab a tissue and wipe it up before the colour soaks into the stone. The first is a Solvent Based Sealer which cannot be seen after it dries, and the second is a colour-enhancer which gives the stone a wet-look once dried. This wet look is beautiful if used on dark stone such as marble and black limestone. The stone used in this demonstration was very hard and after testing it we concluded it was granite. So I’m not surprised we struggled to get through the rough layer.
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