Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction

Have you ever wondered what the best carpet cleaning method is? Trained carpet and upholstery cleaners alike have used many ways ranging from dry cleaning, wet washing, shampooing and steam cleaning. But the one that has caught the fancy and admiration is the hot water extraction method. It is described as the best so far and it is widely used by different cleaning services in London and other great cities in the UK. It is the best for both home and business use, and it is widely recommended by rental services that rent out their carpets and rugs for important social events and gala.

How does hot water extraction work

Cold water is pumped through a narrow solution hose from a clean water tank toward the carpet. Before the water reaches the carpet, an integrated heater increases the temperature to about 60 °C. The high-pressured pump forces the hot water into the base of the carpet. The water captures dirt particles and is immediately extracted through a vacuum hose and deposited into a separate waste tank. Because it’s difficult to identify the type of biological dirt and pathogens which may have been extracted from the carpet, it is a legal requirement to dispose of this water through the toilet, and not outside.  A carpet cleaner can be fined up to £20,000 if they’re caught disposing the water down an external drainage system.

What is Steam Cleaning

Scientifically speaking, a steam-clean that ‘evapourates’ at 100 °C would damage carpet fibres and any glue that might be used to bond to the floor surface. Many customers mistake hot water extraction as steam cleaning.  This is because the hot water that gets pumped into the carpet is so fast that it causes a light spray on the surface of the carpet before it gets vacuumed into the dirty water tank.

You can watch a short video of a carpet being cleaned through Hot Water Extraction. Call us today to find out what we can do for your carpets.  01344 526460

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