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Can you quote over the phone?
We can provide an estimate over the phone, however the size of each home is different and the material of your carpet fibre or stone floor may require a specific cleaning process, so we provide an accurate quote at closer inspection. Upon inspection we take measurements of the room and undertake necessary tests to determine the content of the floor material. For example, a wool carpet requires the more expensive Woolsafe cleaning solutions and generally takes a little longer to clean than synthetic carpets. Many rugs have sisal which require compound cleaning methods and water must be avoided at all costs due to shrinkage. When a customer calls to ask how much it costs to remove varnish from a stone floor, we need to undertake a demonstration to determine which of our products will actually work. Not all varnishes can be removed with an ordinary stripper, finding the correct stripper takes time and PPE must be worn when applying strong ether solvents. All of these factors are taken into account when compiling a quotation.
Our inspection is free, and once our quote is provided there will be no further adjustments.
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How long does it take the carpet to dry - is 2 hours realistic?
Although carpets will only be completely dry after 24 hours, you will be able to walk on your carpets within 2 hours without it feeling wet against your bare hands or feet, however we wouldn’t advise walking in socks just yet! In the fourth phase of the cleaning process Cleaning Agents use a brush machine that gently agitates the carpet during the pre-spray phase. This step not only removes most of the dirt from the carpet but also requires very little water. In the fifth phase Cleaning Agents uses a high pressure pump to extract this pre-spray. This allows us to rinse the pre-spray from the carpet with more water than with most other machines, allowing the carpet to dry very quickly.

A damp carpet could result in unpleasant odours, carpet shrinkage and a void in your warranty. If your current carpet cleaner uses the wand only, without a pre-spray, then it means there is too much water being pumped into your carpets in order to get it clean. Ensure that your carpet cleaner has been trained, ask for the certificate which proves he/she has passed the exam. Or look on the NCCA website to see if the company is a verified member.
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What is Cleaning Agents Guarantee policy?
If any part of our cleaning service does not meet your expectations and you inform us within 2 working days, we will re-clean the specific area free of charge. However every clean is inspected before leaving the premises and we do our best to avoid such circumstances. Our staff have regular performance reviews and they serve the best interest of the customer.
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I'm allergic to pets, how do you overcome this?
Upon registration we will determine your personal needs and we’ll use “pet-free” vacuum cleaners when visiting your home. If you’re allergic to anything just let us know and we’ll use the correct cleaning solutions.
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What are your staff qualifications?
We interview our staff in their own homes and ask them to show proof their address and that they’re eligible to work in the UK. We ensure all our staff have DBS certificates and that they obtain professional training in order to follow the NCCA, Tilemaster or Woolsafe processes. No staff member is left alone in a customer’s house unless they have completed their training.
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Natural fibres vs synthetic, what's the difference?
Natural fibres tend to turn yellow and shrink if subjected to a lot of water. Some natural fibres such as wool require cleaning solutions with a lower pH in order to maintain their structure and colour. If a natural fibre is rubbed aggressively this could damage the structure permanently. Our trained carpet cleaners are able to identify the fibre and clean it according to the manufacturer’s specifications in order to maintain your warranty.
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What's the difference between Wet carpet cleaning and Dry carpet cleaning?
Wet carpet cleaning is described in our seven steps of the cleaning process. It uses two solvents and a hot water extraction pump to remove dirt from most types of carpets. There are two types of dry carpet cleaning methods: A damp powdery compound is spread evenly onto the carpet which is agitated with a gentle brush; Or a wet liquid that’s highly volatile and forms a crystal around the dirt particles deep within the fibre. This latter solution is sprayed onto the carpet which is also agitated with a gentle brush. Both methods require a thorough vacuum cleaning afterward instead of a hot water extraction rinse. Both dry cleaning methods are recommended for carpets, rugs and upholstery that consists of dye that tends to bleed, or consists of natural fibres that tend to shrink or warp. Using the correct method will ensure your warranty is still in place once the treatment is completed.
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Can you shine my honed floor
Yes, we first clean the floor and remove scratches for you, then grind the stone to a desired finish. Most natural stone can be polished to a honed finish or shined finish, the only difference in the process is the final diamond pad that’s used during the restoration. A consultation will determine if your floor is suitable for a shiny polished finish.
A honed finish tends to be an 800 grit pad and if you want a satin finish we offer 1500 grit, and 3000 can be used for a higher shine. 5000 or 8000 grit is for super glossy finish.
If you’re not sure about it, we can do a demonstration on a small area. If you’re looking for a glassy reflective appeal please tell us during the quotation visitation because this process requires a whole different set of pads and we need to know before the demonstration begins. If decide that you don’t like the shine it will be easy enough to restore back to honed.
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How long does it take for a complete stone floor restoration?
For a room of about 60 sqm we ask for two days to complete a full restoration. The second day is required to apply the second coat of sealant. Each diamond pad can take up to 3 minutes per square meter so the full process depends on the desired finish, whether it be honed, satin or gloss. Here is our process:

1. Clean

  • Stripping of old sealant is not always required if we’re going to use diamond pads, however this process offers the best results when cleaning dirty grout lines. The sealant must be rinsed and vacuumed thoroughly before the next process.

    2. Restore

  • Filling of cracks and holes depends on the state of the floor and could take several hours.
  • 400 grit pad grinds out the scuffed and damaged areas.
  • 800 grit pad for honed finish and to smooth out the roughness of the 400 grit.
  • 1500 grit pad for a satin finish.
  • 3000 grit pad for a shiny finish.
  • 5000 grit pad for a high gloss finish.

    3. Seal

  • Sealant application for a room could take one hour but requires 3 hours drying time and the floor must have a maximum of 5% moisture before we can apply it. We generally return the following day for the second coat.
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    I only want a clean, not restoration
    If you don’t want a full restoration with diamond pads, but only a strip and seal cleaning service, we can undertake this in one day. The process is the same as the restoration process above, skipping out the diamond pads. If required, we can also offer a partial restoration service such as filling of cracks and holes. With our specialist diamond-grit hand tools we can bring the resin to the same polished finish of the rest of the floor. We often undertake this service during a travertine strip and seal.
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    Can you polish porcelain/ceramic tiles
    Not all porcelain tiles can be polished because there is often a thin layer of glazed print on the surface which could be entirely removed during the polishing process. We can only grind porcelain tiles that are full-bodied, which have a surface colour that has been baked throughout the tile. If we test a tile and find that it’s porcelain, we ask for the manufacturer’s details before any polishing can be undertaken.
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